Reliable business WiFi Perth Western AustraliaWe supply and setup a wide range of affordable wireless network products for Perth businesses that offer industry leading quality, robust security and fast WiFi for all sizes of construction, Real Estate, Schools, Local Councils, Hotels, Hospitals, Retirement villages, Restaurants, Retail businesses, and Shopping centres.

For example the Perth office of Arinda/FSA installed and extended good WiFi signal strength to Quest Hotels in Perth/Western Australia, turning good Tripadvisor reviews into great Tripadvisor reviews. If your Perth business needs a wireless network signal strength/range increase boost then contact our Perth WiFi experts. They’ll come out to your Perth business site for a free WiFi assessment and installation / WiFi 24/7 monitoring/reporting quote.

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The right WiFi infrastructure can enable you to analyse and predict business traffic, supercharge your digital marketing campaigns and increase revenue, add additional revenue stream through sponsorship, re-target customers based on buying behaviour, improve customer experiences and engage with your loyal customers.


How secure is your company’s wireless network? the inability to answer this question means that a wireless network audit should be considered. Consistent with the changing way we access the internet, having a solid, reliable and secure wireless network for your business allows you to provide the best connectivity possible for your staff and clients alike.

Reasons businesses need a wireless audit:

  • Verifying existing network
  • Informing/understanding your network and its vulnerabilities
  • Experiencing frequent issues that disrupt workflow
  • Business requirements have changed since installing the network
  • Considering a network overhaul or upgrade

Inferior wireless infrastructure can negatively affect your business:

  • Poor security leading to data breaches
  • Slow connectivity & access points
  • Frequent disconnection
  • Direct connection allowing unsecured access

What is a Wireless Network Audit?

Wireless auditing in Perth is the verification process in which FSA wireless network technical experts determine how secure your wireless network is. As data breaches and hacking become an increasing concern for businesses around the world, conducting a wireless audit can help to ensure the security of your precious business information as well as promoting network optimisation for efficient workflow.

Benefits of conducting a wireless audit:

  1. Know where you stand – Inform/understand current network vulnerabilities
    Through conducting a wireless audit, we are able to assess the security posture of your WLAN and ascertain whether there are any vulnerabilities within your wireless network setup in order to facilitate increased security and mitigate any risk of breach.
  2. Diagnose & resolve – Achieve maximum security
    Once we know where you stand, diagnosing and resolving any pre-existing issues becomes simple, allowing us to achieve maximum security for your wireless infrastructure.
  3. Optimise your network – security, speed & reliability.
    After diagnosis and resolution has been achieved, the focus then turns to optimising your network in order to mitigate potential risks and to ensure that WiFi speed and reliability are supporting the requirements of your business. Optimising networks also allows you to achieve increased productivity within your business without the distractions or downtime that are often associated with defective networks.

Good WiFi PerthGood WiFi PerthGood WiFi Support Service Perth WA

FSA WiFi experts set-up good commercial WiFi equipment for businesses in Perth WA. This is what Perth businesses get with our good WiFi systems in Perth.

  1. Secure WiFi is essential to stop your wireless network being hacked.
  2. Scalable WiFi to grow with your business.
  3. Reliable WiFi so that you and your staff need not worry.
  4. WiFi range to reach distant rooms on your property
  5. Good WiFi signal strength.
  6. Fast WiFi

What a wireless audit entail?

Expect a comprehensive wireless network evaluation, diagnosis and remediation report including a proposal/recommendation for the best business wireless network set-up in Perth. Also a solid plan for optimising your wireless network with the best commercial quality WiFi equipment, software and wireless network installers in Perth.

Initially, our wireless network experts will evaluate your existing network, design and setup to ensure appropriate network structure and operation. External factors potentially affecting your service will be analysed to mitigate any avoidable negative outcomes. Our Perth network specialists will conduct comprehensive site surveys and spectral analysis to determine the strength of your signal through visualising radio frequencies. Any diagnosed issues will then be evaluated and reported back to you, along with recommendations for fixing network problems in Perth.

  • Evaluation of current design & application
  • Evaluation of all factors influencing current service
  • Comprehensive Site Survey
  • Performance & roaming analyses
  • Identification of issues
  • Analysis of findings, report and recommendations for further action

Best wireless network solutions for Perth businesses

We are proud to deliver fast wireless networking solutions and high speed internet access (HSIA) to leading businesses in Perth and Australia, that provide fast WiFi speeds, reliability and scalability to achieve better outcomes for businesses. With a multitude of experience evaluating, designing, deploying and managing secure networks, our team of computer networking experts are able to provide tailored wireless network systems. We’re focused on better user experiences and minimal maintenance. Through conducting your wireless audit with one of our expert wireless network technicians, we are able to achieve customised computer/WiFi solutions that integrate and support the individual needs of Perth business operations.
Fast WiFi Perth WA multi-user long range WiFi


Whether you’re trying to improve high speed internet access at a remote outback Western Australian mine site or improve HSIA for lots of guest internet users in a big Perth hotel, we’ve got commercial grade wireless network products to reliably solve your internet problems in Perth/WA. Not only have we got affordable, quality, commercial internet products but we have locally based Perth WiFi experts to install, maintain, monitor and report the quality of your business grade high speed internet access.