parental controls

3 Ways to Control Internet Access

3 Ways to Control Internet Access (Well, ways to make more challenging for your kids.) Our kids are often more comfortable than us with technology. They leave us in their dust as far as the internet and technology goes.  As parents, we wonder how we are going to protect our kids from the dark corners…


data security

Data Security – Done Right

Data Security – Done Right Over the last year, the issue of data security has been thrust into the spotlight, first Julian Assange, then Edward Snowden, followed by Heartbleed and now Shell Shock.  It is a vicious cycle between releasing new software and fixing the inevitable problems. Companies including Facebook, Microsoft, NBC, Evernote and Twitter…




BYOD or BYOS A transformation was taking place at the most recent Mobile World Congress.  We are moving from the smartphone to a plethora of devices.  I wonder if “Bring Your Own Device” is still a relevant term is given this shift in the mobile space. A mobile device refers to many more things these…


Build your Business

5 Technologies to Build Your Business

5 Technologies to Build Your Business Technology is an important tool that’s levelling the playing field for small business owners who compete head to head against big, traditional stores every day.  If used correctly, technology can help a small businesses exceed their customers’ expectations, even surpassing those reserved for bigger companies they are competing with.…


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things – A Marketing Tool

The Internet of Things – A Marketing Tool “The Internet of Things” is destined to change our lives and how all the physical things within it work, if you listen to all the buzz.  According to general consensus, every device will soon be connected to the internet.  Apparently, this is meant to increase our productivity,…


targetted advertising

Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising Imagine that you are killing time in your favourite store when you hear a beep from the band on your wrist.  You look at a small screen on your wrist to be told to check out a red jacket in the back of the store. Your phone displays a picture of the jacket…


future proofing IT

Future Proofing Information Technology

Technology is constantly changing.  According to a simplified version of “Moore’s Law”, computing power doubles every 2 years. Is it possible to “future proof” your IT assets, given this state of continual change within the IT industry?  Small and mid-sized businesses who want their Information Technology assets and strategy to be as future-proof as possible…


cloud computing

Cloud Computing Is the Future

Cloud computing has been advertised as a game changer for more than 10 years within the IT industry.  It is only now that businesses have become calm enough with the model that we are finally seeing real advances in the market.  Having said that, I think that cloud computing is not being used to its full potential…


web design

Mistakes in Webdesign

This article may make some website designers feel uncomfortable. The reason for this is that this article will provide information regarding the pitfalls when selecting a web designer.  This article will also cover some of the secrets behind the marketing strategies used by web designers to sign you up. Paying Too Little In an ideal…