Affordable 24/7 computer support services for Perth government and private schools in Perth and Western Australia wide.

With ever growing dependance of Perth school on reliable computer systems used by school administration and academic use by students and teachers it is even more important to have reliable school computer systems secured, networked, backed up and scalable for future growth. In 2020 all schools will be doing NAPLAN testing online. Paper backup NAPLAN test are available but better is 24/7 continuous monitoring and reporting to stay on top of computer maintenance for schools before computer problems arise.


Our expert IT support technicians keep Perth school and Perth university computers at peak performance. Our affordable, no contract, IT support for Perth schools means our IT experts keep your school computer networks and school computers in good secure condition to keep your school as our client.. Our MSP for Perth schools strives to serve you school computing needs because we want to keep your school’s computing department as a loyal client with good customer experiences.


IT support for Perth schools

Hundreds of Perth WA online NAPLAN tests failed in 2019 due to bad school computer connectivity problems.

In 2019 hundreds of Perth school computer systems failed connectivity during online NAPLAN testing. Before the next NAPLAN test, take the stress and frustration away from your Western Australian school students sitting online NAPLAN testing by having our independent, out-sourced Perth based computer experts audit your school computer systems and fix computer problems in WA schools before they arise. We also have our own IT support experts for schools Australia wide.


If we can’t fix your school computers remotely from our Burswood and other Australian offices, we’ll come out to your school in Perth / Western Australia the same day you report computer problems. Because we have staff on the east coast of Australia, computer support services for Australian schools starts in earnest early morning before teachers and students arrive.

If your Perth school is considering computer upgrades our computer consultants can provide recommendations and cost benefit analysis for PC or Mac computer systems. They our out-sourced Perth computer technicians are also WiFi experts so if you want to extend good WiFi signal strength to the furthest classrooms at your school or university campus, then the best commercial grade WiFi equipment installation and support service is provided by us.

Phone our FSA Technology manager about computer support services pricing and site visit. Discount IT equipment prices are available for not-for-profit organisations such as schools. Computer support prices for schools vary depending on things like the size of school computers to be cared for by us and the distance from our Perth IT support office in Burswood to your school in Western Australia.

When your IT support technician is on sick leave or goes on holidays and your computer system breaks down, who do you turn to? With a team of experienced IT support technicians, we are ready to support your school’s IT systems even if your teachers or admin staff need it during the school holidays and certainly have school computer upgrades properly done before a new semester starts. If you are a CIO at a Perth university or manage IT services at your school know that our technicians are very friendly, level headed, responsible, reliable and very knowledgeable. They are ready at short notice to support your IT support of your school computer systems including high speed internet access for Western Australian schools.