Your Domain Name is a long term decision!

Control of valuable intellectual property such as domain names should be by business OWNERS ONLY.
NOT their managers nor spouse.

Phone us to help you get the right domain name!

Domain name registration Perth
Buy new domain names for your business in YOUR name. We provide free domain name ownership research/reporting and premium domain name advice on exact match domain names, SEO friendly domain with the word Perth in the domain.
There is controversy over the value of premium exact match domain names but whatever your domain name is you need to know:
  1.  You need to be the owner of your domain name and any other intellectual property. Be careful of potential consequences if your domain name is owned by for example your Machiavellian web designer or your personal or business partner, or your company.
  2. Buying the right top level domain (TLD) for your type of organisation. eg .org or .net for network organisations, .edu for schools / universities / colleges .gov .mil .pizza for pizza sites .travel for travel agents .dental for dentist. etc.  Know .TV was leased by Tuvalu to sharp domainers and .co was not for companies but originally for Columbia.
  3. What new generic top level domain names (gTLD) are available for us to help you buy.
  4. Value in owning more than one domain name for the same or more websites. Eg1: You can have a domain about your brand that redirects to a home page domain about your service-place or visa versa depending which is more popular. Eg2: You can have a keyword rich exact match domain names redirected to a page on your site which is different than the focus of your home page.
  5. Buying domain names which have a lot of quality backlinks and or have supported a site which has been live for a long time has SEO value. You need to provide incentive for domain name owners to sell their old domain names to you.
  6. We also do domain name valuations in Perth during our FREE domain name consultations in Perth Western Australia.
  7. In Australia you need to meet criteria to buy a dot au domain name (.au).
  8. Not all domain name registrars sell domain names at the same price. You need to get free value added domain name services rather than a persistent upsell to buy more services.
  9. How long to buy domain names for.
  10. How to save money buying domain names. Do you really need anonymity? What is the cost benefit?

Why register your Domain Names with us?

Most domain name registrars in Perth use automatic sign ups to ask you to buy a domain name, then they add in options like “Search Engine Submissions” or “Spam Protection”. How are you to know which ones you REALLY need? More importantly, how do you choose a domain name in the first place? In many cases it should not just be your business name!

So, why choose FSA Technology as your domain name registrar? Because we can make recommendations to help your business and prevent domain name mistakes that can be costly later! Domains are also very important if you plan to do SEO on your website. Using the correct domain can help your search engine rankings immensely. For example, if you are an electrical contractor in Perth, you may want to have a domain that reflects this. Phone our Perth domain name registration consultant to get some ideas on domains.

The chart below from shows the impact keywords in a domain name have on SEO, an important part of digital marketing.

Domain name registrations and all the options can be confusing. Use our business grade, premium, domain registration service in Perth Western Australia to find the setup that’s long-term and right for your organisation’s needs.
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • No “Transfer Away” Fees!
  • Setup Guidance From Our Staff


Do keyword rich “exact match domain names” benefit SEO?

At Arinda/FSA we believe they do and can show you search engine winners, for highly competitive phrases of pages in sites with exact match domain names.

Time online is a search engine ranking signal so the sooner you get your domain name the better.
The sooner you start a natural, quality backlink building campaign the better.
If you think all the best domain names are gone, you most likely haven’t met the most experienced, high achieving SEO expert in Perth. domain sales are good for SEO but there are a lot of options including buying cheap new generic top-level domains (gTLD). More gTLDs such as .pizza, .travel .asia  .sydney etc are being released every day. Come into the Arinda/FSA, Burswood office, near the Perth CBD to see the best match domain names for your business/organisation and or for free valuation of your existing domain name/s. You can still keep/use your existing domain name which in many cases reflects your brand but if people haven’t heard of your brand, they’re not going to search for it. Your existing domain name can be redirected to a generic domain name. Example: could be redirected to


If you can’t buy a new domain name at the usual low price, then we can advise you how to negotiate with an existing domain name owner/cybersquatter to offer to buy it at the lowest price possible. If the domain name you want has been languishingly attached to a neglected website for a long time then there is real value in that. If the domain name isn’t needed by the previous owner but has lots of quality backlinks then there’s value in that too. Another value assessment of a domain name is its domain authority, a popular “MOZ” score index.

We do not use an automatic sign up process like most web hosting companies. Instead, please contact us and we will have your account set up over the phone! This way you can ask us any questions along the way.

Domain name registration Information we require before you start:

  • Your legal business name
  • A backup email address
  • Your business address
  • Your ABN or ACN,
  • Your contact phone number
  • The domain you want to register