With FSA Technology, you can practically eliminate the chances of data loss at a cost that is lower than most insurance policies. Have a look at our different options to find the best fit for your business.
  • response time guarantee
  • stored in Australia
  • active monitoring
  • onsite backup evaluations
  • quick recovery times
  • technical support 24/7

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Military Grade

Backed up every
15 minutes

Fast Data

Powered by Award Winning StorageCraft Software

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What Makes our Backup Service Unique?

    1. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Our cloud data backup solutions are powered by multi-award winning Storage Craft Software. As a proud Storage Craft Partner, we are to be able to offer several data backup solutions, perfect for all business sizes.
    2. Quick Setup and Recovery – We will send one of our engineers to your office to ensure everything is set up without you lifting a finger. Our active involvement means setup and recovery times are minimised. You don’t need to wait for an initial snapshot of your data to be uploaded through your internet connection as you would with most internet based solutions.
    3. 24/7 Monitoring – In the event that something goes wrong in the backup process, (internet connection failure for example) we will know! We constantly monitor the entire process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we need to, we will come to your office to find out what the problem is.
    4. 24/7 Disaster Recovery – If your server’s hardware fails, we can load your data onto replacement hardware ASAP so that your staff can get back to work as quickly as physically possible.
    5. Our Hybrid Remote Backup Service – Your data is backed up onsite and offsite, so if a file is accidentally deleted, recovery is as quick and simple as a transfer between two hard drives.
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    1. Continuous Backups – Data is backed up every 15 minutes
    2. Version Recovery – Recover old versions of any file you need
    3. Recover from Date – Recover a file the way it was 3 months ago!
    4. Save your Bandwidth – Block level incremental backups allow the changes to each file to be sent to the cloud, saving a large amount of internet bandwidth.
    5. Extremely Quick Recovery – Complete hard drive images are backed up, substantially reducing recovery time if a hard drive fails.
    6. Error Checking – Your backups are constantly checked to ensure that no errors go unnoticed.
    7. Housed in Australia – Unlike Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and others, your data does not leave the sunburned country… physically or legally.
    8. Military Grade Encryption – Your data is encrypted with an AES 256-bit encryption before it’s sent to our servers.
    9. Triple Redundancy –  Our Servers themselves are backed up

Latest Feedback

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  • We find Viren knowledgeable, experienced, efficient, friendly and very helpful in resolving a wide range of our I.T. issues and would not hesitate to recommend Viren.
    Joe Stillisano | Principal
  • Viren was great in providing IT service and had good enthusiasm for the job at hand. Excellent communication was provided by Viren in regards to each task that he completed.
    Qatar Airways
    Perth Office
  • Elev8 Australia approached FSA Technology on a particular project it needed doing. After having another company in Perth constantly let us down FSA was a breath of fresh air. Not only were they reasonably priced but did the work out of our business hours and minimised interruption to normal operations. Pro-active and responsive, highly recommend them.
    Elev8 Australia
    John Marshall | Managing Director
  • My company and other affiliated companies that i am involved in that FSA have constructed web pages and other services for, can not speak more highly of the assistance, understanding, professionalism, and costs offered by FSA.
    Max Papa | Director
  • Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Inc is very grateful for the IT support provided by FSA Technology. Gordan has provided this help free of charge to Kanyana being a volunteer on one of our hospital shifts. We are very grateful for the assistance he has given us in this particular field.
    Kanyana Wildlife
    Executive Board
  • Hi, I would like to thank you for your friendly, professional service and delivery of the product on time. Your support and knowledge gave me confidence in knowing that the job will be carried out promptly and in the promised time. I highly recommend anyone to look no further for IT Support & Web Design these guys are 1st Class.
    Safe 2 Pass Driving School
    Sandra Glossop | Director
  • We just needed a computer set up at work, and FSA went out of their way not only to get us the best price, but to install it at very short notice.
    Ratco | Waterford Plaza Shop Owner
  • We recently took over an existing business which urgently needed some IT expertise. Gordan, through his company FSA, was cautiously called upon to assist at this pivotal time. The caution was quickly replaced with trust and reliance as Gordan proved to be cool, calm and qualified for the tasks presented to him. We have since engaged FSA on an ongoing basis. They provide a strong support to our IT requirements and give us a high level of confidence as we move forward. Gordan maintains a personal relationship with our company and is akin to being an extended part of our own team. I'd recommend FSA to any company new or old.
    Michael Theodos | National Manager
  • WPM Group have been very happy with the services provided by FSA. The quick response to emails and the speed at which our IT issues or queries are resolved has been fantastic and helped ensure minimal interference with our day to day work. The service is always friendly and nothing is ever a hassle. We've never had better service in this department!
    WPM Group
    Neil Clark | CEO
  • When we moved into our new office, FSA Technology discussed our IT options with us thoroughly and presented us with a quote that the others couldn't beat. The difference is that FSA Technology did not offer an over engineered solution to suit their pockets, they provided what we asked for! Installation of the IT systems was also flawless.
    David Vincent | Director
  • In the time FSA have supported our IT function, we have found Gordan to be efficient, effective and a delight to work with!
    Franks Oilfield Services
    Kati Wakefield | Office Manager Australia
  • Our server was installed quickly and without any system downtime. FSA Technology is down to earth, doesn't overcharge and most importantly, doesn't try to offer the newest hardware as the only solution. FSA Technology has provided IT services to Zenith Pacific with a high level of professionalism and efficiency.
    Zenith Pacific
    Brian Mayo | CEO