cloud computing

Cloud Computing Is the Future

Cloud computing has been advertised as a game changer for more than 10 years within the IT industry. It is only now that businesses have become calm enough with the model that we are finally seeing real advances in the market.  Having said that, I think that cloud computing is not being used to its full potential…

web design

Mistakes in Web Design

This article may make some website designers feel uncomfortable. The reason for this is that this article will provide information regarding the pitfalls when selecting a web designer.  This article will also cover some of the secrets behind the marketing strategies used by web designers to sign you up. Paying Too Little In an ideal…


SEO – Fad or Marketing Strategy

I have been working in the IT industry & with the internet for 20+ years.  I have seen a number of changes in that time.  The biggest, underlying change I have witnessed is with the growth of the internet itself & the number of websites it now hosts.  According to the website “Internet Live Stats”, there are 979,739,200 at the time of writing this article.  With great success, sometimes comes great problems & the internet is no different.  How does one find what they are looking for amongst all those websites?